16 Handles Celebrates National Ice Cream Day with Free Soft Serve and a New Vegan Flavor

16 Handles Celebrates National Ice Cream Day with Free Soft Serve and a New Vegan FlavorNew York, NY  (Restaurant News Release)  This Sunday, July 21, 16 Handles is celebrating National Ice Cream Day by gifting 3 ounces of free soft-serve and toppings to 16 Handles rewards members from open to 5:00pm. The brand is also launching a brand new cashew milk soft serve flavor: Cookies & Cashew Milk, a vegan, handcrafted twist on classic cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream. The fifth addition to 16 Handles’ 2019 vegan line, Cookies & Cashew Milk is perfectly creamy, featuring a blend of crushed chocolate cookie crumbs folded into 16 Handles’ all-natural, dairy-free soft serve. Guests can celebrate National Ice Cream Day and try Cookies & Cashew Milk this Sunday at participating 16 Handles locations.

“This year, we’re thrilled to share the celebration of National Ice Cream Day with all of our fans, even those who may prefer a vegan or dairy-free ice cream alternative,” says CEO and founder, Solomon Choi. “We’ll always have our classic frozen yogurt and ice cream offerings, and in 2019, we’ve made our menu even more inclusive by adding more delicious, dairy-free flavors than ever. National Ice Cream Day is the perfect time to recognize that by rewarding our loyal customers.”

Customers must download the 16 Handles app to claim their 3 ounces of free soft-serve ($2.25 value), which can be redeemed by scanning the app’s QR code at the register between open and 5:00pm. Restrictions apply.

About 16 Handles

In 2008, 16 Handles opened its first store in Manhattan’s East Village, becoming the first self-serve frozen yogurt shop in New York City. Since then, they have expanded to over 30 locations. In addition to creating irresistible desserts, 16 Handles works closely with local and national organizations in partnerships and fundraisers, including Trees for the Future to focus on environmental sustainability. Menu innovation is a part of 16 Handles’ brand DNA, and their newest vegan flavors and toppings are just the latest in many new high quality, Artisan products from the brand’s lead chefs. 

For more information visit http://www.16handles.com, Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/16Handles) or Twitter (@16Handles).