A&W Restaurants Gets Creepy with Cursed Prank Video "The Onion Ring"

Since many holiday social festivities will be limited to social media, Lexington, KY marketing agency Cornett has created a video for A&W Restaurants and pranksters this Halloween that parodies the horror classic “The Ring” to promote the QSR’s onion rings.

The Onion Ring” features a dedicated website, (theonionringcurse.com), a creepy “cursed” video, and instructions to enter a friend’s phone number in a text field. The visitor is then instructed to text or email the video URL to their pal. Once the message is open, the person will see the mysterious black & white film featuring A&W mascot Rooty and onion rings.

In the film “The Ring,” the recipient of the call dies when this happens. The “victim” of A&W’s prank gets off much easier: a recording of a lady speaking in a spooky voice reminds them how delicious the chain’s onion rings are.