BeerBoard Unveils ‘2021 NFL Opening Weekend Pour Report’

BeerBoard Unveils '2021 NFL Opening Weekend Pour Report'

Leading technology company’s software reveals beer consumption data across the country during first NFL games

Syracuse, NY  (Restaurant News Release)  This past weekend, football fans nationwide made their way to stadiums, restaurants, bars and watch parties, where they cheered on their favorite teams during the NFL’s opening games, and – of course – drank beer.

Today, BeerBoard – a leader in technology and automated business intelligence for retailers, brewers and distributors – announced the release of its “2021 NFL Opening Weekend Pour Report” detailing how consumers’ beer consumption across the country trended from Sept. 9-12.

Nationwide, beer consumption was up 18.5% this weekend (Thursday-Sunday) when compared to the 2020 NFL opening weekend, though it was still down 24.7% against 2019. America’s most chosen style was Light Lager and Bud Light clocked in as the top brand poured, leading with a 13.5% share. The top three states hitting the highest overall pour volumes for the weekend were Texas, California and Florida.

Other key data findings of the report include pour volume for the highly anticipated match-up between the reigning champs and America’s team. Beer volume in Tampa Bay on Thursday was up 7.5% when compared to its previous season opener on Sept. 13, 2020, which marked Tom Brady’s first appearance as a Buccaneer. As Dak Prescott returned to the field after his season-ending ankle injury, pour volume in Dallas on Thursday, Sept. 9, grew a dramatic 39.7% compared to the team’s season opener last year. During the first game, Dallas’ most popular beer was Michelob Ultra (15.5% share) and Bud Light (22.6% share) was the most poured beer in Tampa Bay.

“Everyone knows football and beer go hand-in-hand,” said BeerBoard Founder and CEO Mark Young. “So, as a technology and insights leader for the liquor, beer and wine sectors, we leverage our cutting-edge technology to better equip the industry. By creating reports on beer consumption across major sporting and pop-culture events in America, we ensure retailers, brewers and distributors are aware of significant market trends so they can make informed, data-based decisions.”

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