Buckley’s Tavern Applies BarVision’s Advanced Technology to Reduce Overpours and Drive Profitability

Buckley's Tavern Applies BarVision's Advanced Technology to Reduce Overpours and Drive Profitability

Historic neighborhood tavern sees overpours decrease from 45% to less than 10% in first 90 days of utilizing BarVision’s revolutionary liquor monitoring solution

Buckley's Tavern Applies BarVision's Advanced Technology to Reduce Overpours and Drive ProfitabilityKennett Square, PA  (Restaurant News Release)  Buckley’s Tavern teamed up with BarVision – the innovator behind the most powerful liquor monitoring solution – to encourage employee accountability and increase revenue and bartenders’ tips.

Before using BarVision’s smart pouring bar technology, over 40% of the long-established neighborhood tavern’s pours were for talls and double beverages, while less than 10% of POS posts were the same. After applying BarVision’s intelligent wireless liquor spouts that match pours to POS transactions, Buckley’s Tavern became more aware of bartender practices and used the data-backed results to modify its bar operations. In just 90 days, Buckley’s Tavern’s overpours and undercharges reduced from 40% to less than 10%.

“BarVision has been incredibly effective for our business and has even strengthened the way our team works together to operate the bar,” said Buckley’s Operating Owner Tom Hannum. “It’s usually not a conscious decision when bartenders overpour drinks. They just need the awareness and regular accountability to improve. After breaking down the metrics from BarVision, we pulled together as a team to perform better and significantly move the revenue needle.”

Overall, Buckley’s Tavern’s revenue increased by $100,000 per annum and reduced liquor costs from 19% to 15%, resulting in 25 times the ROI and a 15% increase in bartender tips.

“BarVision’s real-time reporting demonstrates the significance of educating bartenders on the importance of cocktail consistency and proper recipe pours,” Hannum added. “It’s invaluable when developing more effective pricing strategies. BarVision pays for itself over and over again.”

To learn more about BarVision and how its groundbreaking technology improves operational control and increases bar profits, visit barvision.com.

BarVision: Unlock the potential of your bar, one pour at a time.

About BarVision

Founded in 2018, BarVision is a smart pouring bar and restaurant technology that enables bartenders to improve overall sales and operations. Its intelligent wireless liquor spouts match pours to POS systems to identify issues, reduce liquor costs and increase bar profits. By providing precise pouring and real-time data, BarVision is transforming the way bars operate resulting in higher tips for bartenders, better inventory control and higher sales. For more information about BarVision, visit barvision.com.

About Buckley’s Tavern

Buckley’s has always been a favorite meeting place for all kinds of folks … from world-renowned artists to professional athletes, from our everyday local clientele to travelers who pass through. In our parking lot, Rolls-Royces rub wings with pickup trucks and the occasional “six in hand” horse carriages, of course, and the past mingles with the present … old memories are cherished and new ones are made. Buckley’s Tavern offers casual American “comfort cuisine” in our tavern and two inside dining rooms as well as outdoor dining areas, including our totally renovated rooftop bar and grill. There are two private dining rooms that can be used for meeting rooms as well. For additional information about Buckley’s Tavern, call 302.656.9776 or visit buckleystavern.com.

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