Denny’s Corporation Celebrates Its Diner Heritage with New Brand Positioning and Integrated Marketing Campaign

Denny's Corporation Celebrates Its Diner Heritage with New Brand Positioning and Integrated Marketing CampaignSPARTANBURG, S.C.  (  Denny’s Corporation (NASDAQ: DENN), America’s iconic family restaurant, has unveiled its new America’s Diner brand positioning to the nation; reminding consumers that ‘America’s Diner is Always Open’ and celebrating the open and authentic diner experience that has welcomed Denny’s guests for more than 50 years. Extending well beyond its 24/7 hours of operation, the openness theme represents a renewed brand spirit for the national chain that will serve as the platform for all communications across its advertising, employees, menu and in-restaurant marketing programs.

Frances Allen, Chief Marketing Officer for Denny’s commented: “Diners are an iconic fixture in America, whether customers live around the corner or are passing through town they provide a welcome environment and genuine sense of community. As America’s only national diner chain, we are proud to showcase our rich diner heritage along with the core attributes of the Denny’s brand: openness, warmth, comfort and familiarity.”

The ‘America’s Diner is Always Open’ campaign includes the initial launch of four television spots, called “Dinersodes.” The spots, which include both 30 second and 15 second versions and began to air on January 19th, centers around the possibilities that emerge when an environment is open in every sense of the word. The “Dinersodes” depict the open dialogue between guests and Denny’s servers as a way to communicate and dramatize the warm, familiar atmosphere that guests experience at Denny’s.

Ms. Allen continued: “This brand initiative is significant for Denny’s because it brings the company back to its roots. The “Dinersodes” showcase the open and welcoming experience that guests already enjoy at our 1,600+ restaurants and serve as our next step in recapturing the hearts and stomachs of American consumers. For Denny’s, openness is about much more than our 24/7 hours of operation, it also includes a truly diverse menu that covers all price points and dietary preferences, with the enjoyment of a ‘come as you are’ attitude that makes all guests feel right at home.”

“My goal with the ‘America’s Diner is Always Open’ campaign is to remind our regular customers of Denny’s accessibility and value-oriented menu, while also serving as a platform to introduce the next generation of Denny’s guests to the joys of classic American comfort food at whatever time of the day or night they may choose,” added Ms. Allen.

In addition to the television spots, Denny’s is incorporating the brand spirit of openness into all communications, including the development of an ‘Open Manifesto’ for all restaurant employees, encouraging them to be open to suggestions from guests and open to feedback in order to deliver better service. The openness theme will also be delivered through a redesigned website experience, social media, including Denny’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as menu design and certain in-store marketing initiatives.

Gotham CEO, Peter McGuinness, added: “This campaign emerged directly from the Denny’s brand itself. The diner experience is genuine, interactive and open. We are pleased to have our inaugural campaign capture the shift in emphasis from just talking about being open in terms of hours to being open in our attitude and embracing openness in the fullest sense. This was an exciting breakthrough for us and we’re confident that the differentiation of the in-store experience as well as the food will build the brand and drive the business.”

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