It's Not Pizza, It's Pinsa - Pinsarella Is the New Italian Pizza Concept and Mozzarella Bar

It's Not Pizza, It's Pinsa - Pinsarella Is the New Italian Pizza Concept and Mozzarella Bar

Pinsitaly, Famous Brand for Pinsa Restaurants in Rome Arrives in USA with Pinsarella

(Restaurant News Release)  Pinsitally, with it’s famous location in Rome’s Fountrain Trevi and other 5 pizza shops around the Eternal City, is officially entering in USA food business with its new leading concept – Pinsarella.

Michele Pagano, Managing Director for the US Market explains how Pinsarella is a name born by the union of two Italian Words: “Pinsa” e “Mozzarella”

Pinsarella’s mission is to bring to the USA the Italian tradition of pizzaiolos and cheesemakers with Freshly Hand Made Locally Products.

The Pinsa

The flavor of Pinsa is not in the toppings but in the bread. The rice in the dough is revolutionary, because of its ability of absorbing water and its high digestibility.

Pinsa innovation perfectly matches the current and future growing demand for quality artisan products in the food market. The final product must be crunchy outside and soft inside, features that are not easy to obtain by using standard pizza production technique.

The modern customer are well informed and much harder to please then in the past and they will recognize and distinguish the unforgettable flavor of the Pinsa, the Roman Style Pizza.

This particular difference entails a greater fragrance and, because we use less flour in the dough, we considerably reduce the quantity of carbohydrates, calories and fats present in the final product, making our pizza really low in calories.

The Mozzarella

The mozzarella is, as everyone knows, a soft spun pasta table cheese derived exclusively from whole milk.

We at Pinsarella produce mozzarella using Buffalo and Cow Cheese curd. We carry out the phases of spinning, forming and salting directly on the spot to obtain products with characteristics completely identical to those of the products that can be found in Italy, but above all fresh every day.

From all this comes PINSARELLA Pinsa & Mozzarella Concept Store, a place where you can feel immediately absorbed by the Italian Gastronomic tradition and the typical atmosphere of an Italian Pizzeria.

Investors Opportunity

Pinsarella is a great investment opportunity for everyone who is interested in catering and food business.  Thanks to the key partnership with BRD Consulting and the great expertise of its General Manager Federico Fiorentini, Pinsarella is starting is operation for Business Retail Development in the USA.

Now is the time to invest in one of the fastest growing sectors in recent years.  Pinsarella has developed 4 different formats that can be opened in the United States:

  1. Pinseria & Mozzarella Bar
    A Traditional Italian  Pinseria with instant production of Mozzarella
  2. Pinseria To Go
    The Pinsarella Deli Version
  3. The Pinsarella Corner
    Great for Bars, Shopping Malls, and any kind of preexisting business that needs a food corner.
  4. Pinsarella Street Food Truck.
    The Pinsarella Store On the Road

The project is aimed at:

  • Young entrepreneurs who can open a business,  without the need to have any experience  in the catering field.
  • Traditional operators  of the sector who want to differentiate or implement their operations with the possibility of expanding their job opportunities with fixed, mobile or traveling locations or just inserting new products, such as the Pinsa and Mozzarella cheese into their activities.
  • To operators in the catering sector and to the large distribution chains  that could use the “concept” to expand the marketing of Pinsa Romana and Mozzarella through the creation of laboratories and mini dairies.

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