Krystal Celebrates 80 Years By Rolling Back Prices And Looking Towards The Future

Krystal Celebrates 80 Years By Rolling Back Prices And Looking Towards The Future

Iconic burger brand thanks customers with “Krystals for a quarter”

Krystal Celebrates 80 Years By Rolling Back Prices And Looking Towards The Future
Krystal Celebrates 80 Years By Rolling Back Prices And Looking Towards The Future

Chattanooga, TN  (Restaurant News Release)  The Krystal Company will celebrate everyone who’s ever enjoyed the iconic burger and every one of its 9,000 employees on Wednesday, October 24. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., all of Krystal’s 350 restaurants will treat its guests to its signature product — Krystals — for just 25 cents apiece (limit of 6). The event kicks off Krystal’s 80th anniversary, with parties throughout the southeast.

“Our founder’s motto in 1932 was to provide customers the very best food at the lowest possible price, served in a spotlessly clean restaurant with quick and courteous service,” said Doug Pendergast, Krystal President and CEO. “Today we celebrate 80 years of support from our employees, franchise partners and loyal customers. It may be our 80th birthday, but this party is truly for them. They are our past – and our future.”

“Krystals for a quarter” day launches a yearlong celebration of the brand’s 80th anniversary. Over the next 12 months, Krystal, with new ownership and a new leadership team, plans a year of events and changes that will set the tone for another 80 years. “We are hard at work on the next generation of Krystal. We will not reinvent what has made us successful, but we will renovate our brand to make it relevant for the next 80 years,” Pendergast said.

Launched in the midst of the Great Depression in downtown Chattanooga, Tenn., the first restaurant became an overnight success with customers who flocked to the small building for hot-off-the-grill Krystals, bought for a nickel. Generations upon generations of southerners have shared the experience of the one-of-a-kind burgers and have their own Krystal story to tell.

In 2013, the company will be taking bold steps to build new stores and expand the Krystal Crave experience to new audiences.  Over the next five years, the company plans to open over 150 new restaurants.

“Today is a ‘thank you’ to all of the generations of loyal Krystal customers,” said Tom Peterson, Krystal Chief Marketing Officer. “We promise a lot of excitement in the coming months as we share some of our plans for our future.”

Every Krystal in its 11 states will host the 2-hour thank you party. Fans are encouraged to come a little early, as lines are anticipated. Fans are also encouraged to visit the Krystal Facebook page, Official Krystal Lover Community, to share their own Krystal stories with other fans.  For a complete listing of Krystal locations visit

About Krystal

Founded in 1932, Krystal restaurants have become known for their small square hamburgers that are not only steeped in tradition, but in onions, mustard and pickles. Over the years, the food offered by Krystal has become a cultural icon and a part of the southern experience. The Krystal Company is the oldest quick service restaurant chain in the South and the second oldest in the United States. The unique brand currently has 350 restaurants in 11 states. For more information visit:; on Facebook at:  Official Krystal Lover Community or on Twitter:  @Krystal