Krystal Launches New Brand Campaign

Krystal Launches New Brand Campaign

Music-Driven “Let’s Krystal” Message Invites Customers to Celebrate Brand’s Unique Southern Goodness

Krystal Launches New Brand CampaignAtlanta, GA  (Restaurant News Release)  Krystal, the iconic Southern burger chain, today launched a new fully-integrated marketing effort bringing to life the brand’s unique food experience. “Let’s Krystal” is the rally cry of the high-energy, music-driven campaign that speaks not only to the millions of Krystal Lovers, but also to everyone associated with the brand from store crews to corporate employees.

Krystal Chief Marketing Officer Tom Peterson provided insight into “Let’s Krystal”. “We’ve turned ‘Krystal’ into an action verb. Whether we’re talking to moms and dads, lunch-timers, late-nighters or tailgaters, ‘Let’s Krystal’ isn’t just about satisfying your hunger for food. It’s all about the unique Southern goodness that’s at the heart of the Krystal experience. It’s about craveable, shareable food that’s meant to be enjoyed with family and friends — turning everyday meals into memories.”

From TV and radio spots to outdoor advertising, new restaurant signage, digital display and video ads, social media, online and mobile promotions and newspaper inserts, Krystal is welcoming guests back to create new memories as they enjoy the unique food experience that comes from simple, uncomplicated goodness and warm hospitality.

The entire campaign was developed by Krystal’s new creative agency, MARC USA.

The new jingle is infectious and instantly singable. With lines like: “Let’s bust open boxes/pass out some squares/fill the whole table/And dance on the chairs” or “Let’s build a giraffe/Wear a Krystal toupee/beat down my cravin’/And not overpay” — it’s clear that Krystal is committed to fun and good times.

CEO Doug Pendergast emphasizes, “What makes Krystal memorable is more than the unique taste and look of our little square burgers or our Pups and Chiks. We’re committed to real Southern hospitality, and we’re looking to our store crews to be the ambassadors of the ‘Let’s Krystal’ campaign. You’ll be seeing them in new tee-shirts proudly proclaiming ‘Let’s Krystal’. I bet you’ll find them singing our jingle lyrics and even making up their own versions.”

The new campaign is the latest chapter in Krystal’s 81-year history as Pendergast heads a growing team of industry leaders dedicated to reinvigorating the brand and reigniting customer’s passion for all things Krystal.

Pendergast concludes, “We’re investing in all elements of the brand and have aggressive goals. We expect to open 150 new stores in the next four years. Just as important, we’re working to be in the top 3 QSR brands in customer satisfaction and the top 100 places to work. If we can do this, then our customers, team members, vendors and franchise partners will win. Now that’s fun!”

About Krystal

Founded in 1932, Krystal restaurants have become known for their small square hamburgers that are not only steeped in tradition, but in onions, mustard and pickles. Over the years, the food offered by Krystal has become a cultural icon and part of the southern experience. The Krystal Company is the oldest quick service restaurant chain in the South and the second oldest in the United States. The unique brand currently has 352 restaurants in 10 states. For more information visit:; on Facebook at: Official Krystal Lover Community or on Twitter: @Krystal.