Becomes the Number One Consumer Price-Transparency Website with New Update

All-inclusive pricing information website, announces a major update to their platform to pave the way to become the number one consumer price-transparency online resource Becomes the Number One Consumer Price-Transparency Website with New UpdateSt. Louis, MO  (Restaurant News Release) again reiterated their goal of providing consumers across the globe with the best possible shopping experience with the recent update to their platform. is currently leading the way in the provision of pricing information to consumers, with information on more than 170,000 businesses across different industries. The recent update only re-establishes the platform’s goal of empowering consumers by providing them with a free-to-use price transparency tool.

“With our latest technological advancements, we have the ability to report the pricing information of over 170,000 restaurants worldwide, including from over 45 countries,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Haris Bacic. “We continue to make progress every day to give more and more consumers access to pricing information that impacts their daily lives in order to save money,” Haris Bacic continued.

One of the major factors that influence an individual’s shopping decision is the price of the product. Consequently, consumers tend to pay a lot of attention to the different prices of goods and possible substitutes before making a decision. Price comparison sites have become increasingly popular in recent times as a shopping tool to get the best possible prices from a range of companies. Unfortunately, many of the available price comparison platforms – websites and apps, do not meet the needs of shoppers as they are often not as transparent and comprehensive as desired by users. This is where has been able to make a difference by providing a one-stop price comparison solution for consumers worldwide.

Described as a source for “The Most Accurate and Up-To-Date Menu Prices,” it allows consumers to compare and contrast prices across a plethora of industries, including restaurants, gyms, and hair salons. The free platform is particularly great as it helps consumers save money and time comparing prices of goods and services from different providers.

The categories of businesses featured on the site include Gyms, Beauty Salons, Movie Theaters, Mechanics, Pet Groomers, Deli Shops, Bakeries, and a host of others. Some of the companies currently listed on include major restaurant brands as McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Taco Bell.

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About is a consumer price-transparency website co-founded by Haris Bacic, an experienced web developer and entrepreneur. The aim of the site is to empower consumers by providing them with a free-to-use price transparency tool, helping them to save money and compare pricing information.

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