Rich’s Adds Cauliflower Ciabatta To Parbaked Portfolio, Bringing Fresh-Baked Quality to Your Menu

Rich's Adds Cauliflower Ciabatta To Parbaked Portfolio, Bringing Fresh-Baked Quality to Your Menu

Rich's Adds Cauliflower Ciabatta To Parbaked Portfolio, Bringing Fresh-Baked Quality to Your Menu(Restaurant News Release)  Rich Products expands its comprehensive bread portfolio with the delicious new parbaked Cauliflower Ciabatta Roll, an ideal plant-based option for your sandwich menu. The new roll is part of the parbaked lineup from Rich’s that answers consumers’ desire for high-quality bread and operators’ need for back-of-house simplicity. The parbaked breads and rolls from Rich’s Cottage Bakery® and Signature Breads™ brands save time while still delivering the quality and taste of bakery-style breads.

The Cauliflower Ciabatta Roll is an easy to use, savory, plant-based parbaked sandwich roll that is packed with real cauliflower and doesn’t sacrifice on taste. The authentic artisan process includes no animal- based ingredients.

“The addition of the Cauliflower Ciabatta Roll meets the niche but growing need for a plant-forward alternative,” explains Alyssa Barrett, customer marketing manager, Rich Products. “With Rich’s Cottage Bakery® and Signature Breads™, limited serve restaurants can offer premium bread that tastes like homemade in just a matter of minutes, while saving on time and labor. The fresh- baked, rich color and crusty appearance will drive interest and sales, while the taste will keep consumers coming back for more.”

Consumers name freshness as the most important attribute when selecting breads and rolls,1 and the Rich’s parbaked process delivers high-quality, fresh bread.

The Rich’s bread portfolio of more than 200 varieties includes a wide array of flavors, sizes, formats, and pricing, from dough, bakeable, and parbaked products. Rich’s can meet operators’ bread and carrier needs across dayparts and menu sides.

The Cottage Bakery® name has been synonymous with superior quality, indulgence, and innovation sine 1954. Rich’s acquired the artisan brand in 2020, and the exceptional taste, convenience and freshness remains second to none. Cottage Bakery® parbaked breads and rolls are derived from a true artisan process, which includes using all-natural levain dough starters, long fermentation and slow proof times, no dough conditioners or preservatives, hand-scoring, and baking on a real stone hearth. Products are Kosher and boast a superior clean label.

The Cottage Bakery® portfolio includes 61 skus comprising: oblong, rectangular, and square rolls; sub rolls; ciabatta, French, rosemary olive oil and multigrain rolls; baguettes in white and sourdough; batards and loaves; focaccia and panini breads; and boules.

In 2021, Rich’s acquired Signature Breads™, one of the first parbaked suppliers in foodservice. These convenient parbaked breads and rolls are perfect for the everyday offering with simple, recognizable, quality ingredients that will satisfy ingredient-conscious customers and price-conscious operators.

The Signature Breads™ portfolio consists of 49 skus, including: rolls for mini sandwiches, including the original Rudi Roll and flavors like onion and dill; loaves in white, Italian, ancient grains, and honey molasses; sandwich rolls like French, potato, and brioche; sub rolls in a variety of styles and widths; boules; baguettes and batards; ciabatta and focaccia.

Rich's Adds Cauliflower Ciabatta To Parbaked Portfolio, Bringing Fresh-Baked Quality to Your Menu

What is Parbaked?

Parbaked bread enables operators to serve up fresh-baked breads and rolls within minutes. The process is simple: experienced bakers at Rich’s bake raw dough to 85-95% of the required cooking time. The breads and rolls are flash frozen, locking in freshness and flavor. Operators can simply place the desired amount into the oven – no thawing or proofing required. The heat activates the moisture, crisps up the crust, deepens the color, warms the soft interior, and fills the air with an irresistible, fresh-baked aroma.

The bread bakes from the freezer to table in minutes. Plus, there’s less waste, as you bake only what you need when you need it.

For details about Rich’s bread portfolio, operators should contact their Rich’s sales representative or visit

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1Technomic Bakery, 2021

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