Reels In the Latest Seafood Industry News

(, a leader in online restaurant news, has announced the opening of a new website covering the seafood industry. ( casts a wide net and pulls in the latest catch of online seafood news.

The announcement comes as growing fear about the impact of the BP oil spill on the seafood industry spreads across the country.  Five-second sound bites on television paint a dark picture of seafood safety, availability and pricing.

There are other challenges in the seafood industry, as well.  There is a proposed five-year ban on lobster fishing in Southern New England, and extended fishing bans on snapper and grouper off of Georgia and Florida, for example.

“There are some very real, very legitimate concerns,” said Troy Brackett, site owner.  “But there are also some misperceptions that need to be cleared up for restaurant and food industry professionals, as well as for seafood lovers.”

“We hope to lay out as much information as possible to help with that,” Brackett continues, explaining that by linking to news from around the country,’s readers will be able to get a more accurate view of the industry and how it affects them.  He pointed out that many consumers don’t realize that seafood quality and safety is most likely at an all time high due to increased inspections.

Brackett also hopes that the site will draw more attention to the plight of fishermen and harvesters in these challenging times.

“These men and women are on the front lines,” he said.  “They’re in the thick of things day in and day out, working hard to provide the flow of seafood for our country.  They’re struggling to make a living, and struggling to support their families.”

“They deserve our respect and our support.”

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