Traditional Asadero Melts Easily on the Grill, Complements All White-Meat Chicken Fajitas

SAN ANTONIO  (  Who knew you could actually grill cheese? That’s exactly what Taco Cabana® is doing with the newest limited-time offer on its menu – chicken fajita skillets, featuring generous portions of bubbling, grilled Asadero cheese.

These new chicken fajita skillets start with white Asadero cheese layered directly on one of our hot fajita skillets and melted until soft and golden. Premium, all white-meat chicken breasts are grilled over an open flame and sliced. Cooks then pile the seasoned chicken fajitas and grilled peppers and onions onto the bed of melted cheese. Fresh Asadero is sprinkled on top of the sizzling skillet, and the whole dish is served with fresh, handmade tortillas.

In addition to trying our new chicken fajita skillets with Asadero cheese, guests can enjoy chicken fajita Asadero tacos as a combo with chips and queso or guacamole, or as a plate with rice, beans and tortillas.

Translated, Asadero actually means “roasted” or “grilled.” Our chef describes it as a mild, creamy melting cheese with a tangy finish. Also known as Queso Oaxaca, it is often used in quesadillas and as a base for queso blanco dip because of its excellent melting qualities.

“On the heels of the successful rollout of our brisket tacos, we’re now ratcheting up the quality of our chicken fajitas with the use of premium white meat chicken and traditional Asadero cheese,” said Taco Cabana Chief Marketing Officer, Todd Coerver. “More and more, you’ll see us celebrating the heritage of our brand in this way, by incorporating authentic ingredients as we continue to reinvigorate our menu.”

Established more than 30 years ago as a taco stand in San Antonio, Texas, Taco Cabana continues to pursue its obsession of making great-tasting Mexican food instilled with the unique and inspired flavors from Mexico and Texas.

“Introducing surprising ingredients, like Asadero cheese, and paying attention to small details, like keeping our fajita skillets heated on the grill, are just some of the ways we have found to deliver on our passion,” said Coerver. “We want customers to come to expect the unexpected from us as we continue celebrating the love of great Tex-Mex we share with our guests.”

About Taco Cabana: The Story Behind our Obsession

In 1978, Taco Cabana began as a taco stand in San Antonio, with the unique recipes and ingredients that reflect our rich Tex-Mex culture and food. With more than 156 restaurants in 3 states, Taco Cabana continues to redefine the Mexican fast-casual dining experience through ongoing menu and service enhancements. We are committed to satisfying the appetites of our customers through our obsession for making great-tasting Mexican food. From our kitchens’ daily fresh-made tortillas and handmade salsas to our flame-grilled fajitas and refreshing margaritas, our obsession lives on, making Taco Cabana one of the region’s most enduring and beloved Mexican food brands. Taco Cabana is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carrols Restaurant Group, Inc. For more information on Taco Cabana or Carrols Restaurant Group, Inc., visit or Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for offers and updates from Taco Cabana.