The 67 Best Restaurants in London Have Been Revealed and Profiled By Caterquip

Every Michelin-Starred Restaurant in London is Outlined and Rated

The 67 Best Restaurants in London Have Been Revealed and Profiled By CaterquipPeterborough, United Kingdom  (Restaurant News ReleaseCaterquip, the largest supplier of used, second-hand and refurbished catering equipment in the United Kingdom, have recently invested a lot of time and effort in identifying, revealing and profiling the 67 best restaurants in London, as stated by the world-famous Michelin Star Guide.

The fruits of their labour can be seen in a blog post recently published on their website, which runs to over 4500 words of analysis, and provides an individual description of every Michelin starred restaurant in London, outlining their menus, star rating, culinary style and design scheme, while also giving their contact details, so readers of the blog can easily book tables at the restaurants, if they desire.

The highly-detailed blog post has proved popular with regular readers of the blog, having already racked up dozens of social shares just a few days after publication, while numerous people have been in touch to say how much they have enjoyed the post, and how useful they have found it.

Caterquip decided to work on this project due to the perceived lack of quality among existing articles of this type, which Caterquip felt did not provide a deep or knowledgeable enough profile of each restaurant, meaning readers were not able to get enough information about each establishment during the process of deciding where to dine at next.

The initial feedback suggests Caterquip were correct in their assessment, and that their audience is very happy they have decided to write about the topic.

About Caterquip

Caterquip are the largest suppliers of used, refurbished, reconditioned and second-hand catering equipment in the United Kingdom. Over the course of their 20+ years in business, they have generated hundreds of satisfied customers, ranging from household-name fast food restaurants to celebrity chefs, holiday resorts and fine dining establishments.

Caterquip believe their success as a business comes from their excellent customer service, allied to their ability to provide high quality catering equipment at up to 60% off the usual retail prices, while offering at least a 3 month warranty on everything they sell.

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