Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ CEO Anticipates Strong, Steady Growth for 2020

Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ CEO Anticipates Strong, Steady Growth for 2020(Restaurant News ReleaseCrave Hot Dogs and BBQ is not only known for its delicious BBQ and hot dogs, but also its Self-Serve Beer wall.  The hot dogs can be customized with 20+ toppings and there is also an array of sides to choose from. Ribs and Jumbo wings are also available amongst other offerings and desserts. The brand went live in 2018. “From the day we went live, we have had great interest in Crave. The décor, offerings and our support programs for the franchisees are all very attractive,” said Samantha Rincione, CEO.

When Samantha and her husband, Salvatore, founded Crave, they both came with extensive franchising knowledge. “We wanted to create systems and a brand where franchisees could feel comfortable and are able to have their primary focus on running their business,” Samantha said.

Crave considers all their franchisees family once they enter into a partnership. Crave will assist in finding locations and narrowing down a location where both the franchisee, and Crave feel is a good fit for the brand. Crave also oversees the construction process. Once the franchisee picks a general contractor, Crave will work together with that contractor to ensure the location is built correctly and to the right standards. Once the location is ready to open, Craves director of training will train the franchisee and managers. About a week before opening Crave will also come train the opening staff with the franchisee and remain onsite for opening day. Crave also offers ongoing marketing assistance, refresher courses and operational support.

To date Crave has locations in Georgia, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Louisiana and Colorado. The brand expects to open 25 units in 2020, while selling an additional 40 units. “We have seen great growth this year and interest in Crave is at an all-time high, we expect to finish 2019 strong and to have an even stronger 2020,” said Samantha Rincione, CEO.

Crave is currently seeking qualified franchisees to join the Crave family. If you have interest in learning more about Crave, please email or visit us at

Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ CEO Anticipates Strong, Steady Growth for 2020