Fortune 500 Quick Service Restaurants See Boost in Bottom-line Profits By Implementing Affordable Digital Menu Board Technology

Fortune 500 Quick Service Restaurants See Boost in Bottom-line Profits By Implementing Affordable Digital Menu Board Technology

Digital Signage provider assists Fortune 500 QSR chains in implementing cost-effective digital menu board software and hardware.

Fortune 500 Quick Service Restaurants See Boost in Bottom-line Profits By Implementing Affordable Digital Menu Board TechnologyWestlake Village, CA  (Restaurant News Release)  MediaSignage, Inc. (, provider of digital signage and digital menu board solutions showcases some of its key clients in the digital menu board sector of digital signage, hoping to increase awareness for how dynamic digital menu boards are aiding Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR), coffee shop and food service business owners in boosting bottom-line profits with today’s powerful in-store advertisng technology.

The company’s digital menu board software and hardware options have been implemented at McDonalds, Fatburger, Cinnabon, Subway, Dunkin Donuts and Hardees. These Fortune 1000 firms worked directly with MediaSignage and its partners to implement robust, dynamic and flexible systems that would aid in boosting in-store sales and direct customer loyalty. “Some of our clients have experienced measurable year-over-year sales boost by as much as 50%,” says Stein Chu, Sales Engineer for MediaSignage. “It’s a phenomenal way to to directly impact bottom-line profits with a small upfront investment in digital menus.”

MediaSignage provides some of the most robust and powerful digital menu board solutions on the market today. Some of the enterprise-level features include dynamic content scheduling for breakfast, lunch and dinner menu loops, remote screen access and control, user-based administration and high definition playback support. These features allow for direct targeting of specific demographic and user groups with highly-tailored video and images at the precise moment when the purchase decision is made. “You’re able to reach and effectively influence the buyer right at the point-of-sale. Boosting their overall purchase amount by 70% or more is possible with the right message and more importantly the right data,”  says Chu.

The company has taken a very proactive approach to ensuring customers maintain proper metrics of signage data. This means an initial project assessment including metrics management of sales, processes and feedback. “Using proper benchmarking and comparisons, we’re able to show relevant return on investment stats for owners looking to make quick payback. We don’t want our clients to hold on a wish that some new cutting-edge technology will actually improve restaurant sales,” Chu says. Initial benchmark data is then pit against data gleaned after the digital menu boards have been installed. Doing so helps to track and ensure hardware and software implementations remain a financially viable investment for the restaurant.

Another compelling reason these companies decided to turn to MediaSignage for their digital menu board needs stemmed from the company’s total cost of ownership. At a fraction of the cost of its nearest competitor, MediaSignage provides a more rapid path to a positive digital signage ROI. In some cases, MediaSignage clients have earned a positive ROI on customer engagements for digital menu boards in less than eight months. This pegs digital menu boards as the most reasonable market sector for obtaining a speedy return on investment.

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