Inspired by Salad Station’s Mother & Son Founders, This Father-Daughter Duo Decided To Invest in the Franchise Themselves

Inspired by Salad Station's Mother & Son Founders, This Father-Daughter Duo Decided To Invest in the Franchise Themselves

The Brownings signed on to open Salad Station in Irving, Texas next year after learning about the brand’s simplified business model, innovative approach to healthy eating, and family-driven values.

Inspired by Salad Station's Mother & Son Founders, This Father-Daughter Duo Decided To Invest in the Franchise Themselves(Restaurant News ReleaseSalad Station, a gourmet pay-by-the-pound salad franchise based in Hammond, Louisiana, was founded in 2012 by now-president Scott Henderson with the support of his mother and business partner Cindy Henderson. Now, as customers increasingly look for healthy and locally sourced food options, Salad Station looks for family-oriented franchisees to continue the legacy of the Henderson family’s deep passion for farming, fresh ingredients and exceptional value.

That is why the recently-signed father-and-daughter duo, Brittney and Jeremy Browning, were the perfect fit for the brand.

“My dad and I have been wanting to open up something together for a while now,” said Brittney. “I was working in healthcare administration. Prior to that, I had multiple years with hospitality operations. We wanted to find a franchise concept we were passionate about, and my undergraduate degree was in public health. When we found Salad Station, we immediately connected with the mission – more places need fast, convenient, healthy food options.”

Salad Station’s unique self-serve, pay-by-the-pound approach allows franchise partners to stand out over other BYO salad companies. The brand also offers more than 100 toppings and a hot bar, and it continues to innovate with an ever-evolving menu, most recently adding on-the-spot chop and wrap options. Salad Station’s commitment to a gourmet selection that is always “Fresh, Full, Clean, Kind” make the franchise truly unique and has contributed to a footprint of 26 units and growing.

“We wanted to look at something that was already successful so that we could expand to new markets,” said Brittney. “When we went to Salad Station’s discovery day, I was inspired by Scott and his mother being a family duo like me and my dad who built a business themselves. That story really resonated with me.”

Inspired by Salad Station's Mother & Son Founders, This Father-Daughter Duo Decided To Invest in the Franchise Themselves

Salad Station was designed to operate as a streamlined and simple business, and the hours of operation promote a healthy work-life balance thanks to a closed-on-Sundays policy and clean-up that gets the staff out the door by 9 p.m. Additionally, Salad Station’s executive team members work diligently with franchisees to provide support and training, offering tools and resources to contribute to every location’s success.

With this supportive infrastructure and proven business model, Brittney says Salad Station offers strong unit-level economics and a track record of success, which will allow her to build a loyal customer base and strong connections within her community.

And Brittney says she is confident that the Irving community will connect particularly well with the Salad Station brand. “Since our location will be a little bit more into the suburbs, there aren’t as many food options as there are downtown,” she said. “We are excited to bring more healthy options to the area.”

Looking ahead, the Brownings say their goal is to open more locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For other entrepreneurs looking to follow her path, Brittney says it is all about the big picture. “Owning a franchise is a long-term plan, so you need to find a business you’re passionate about and will look forward to doing everyday,” she said.

Now, Salad Station aims to partner with hard-working, family-focused individuals like the Brownings who are eager to dedicate themselves to growing with the brand. Since opening its doors to franchising in 2015, the brand has continued to grow throughout its home state of Louisiana and beyond, including new locations in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas and more.

“As a father-and-daughter duo, the Brownings perfectly exemplify the types of family-driven values that my mother and I founded this brand on,” said Henderson. “We are thrilled to have them on the team bringing the Salad Station brand to Irving and are excited to partner with more and more franchisees like the Brownings as we grow across the country.”

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