Cranberry Township Clean Juice Named Official Provider to the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex

Cranberry Township Clean Juice Named Official Provider to the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex

Pittsburgh Area Multi-Unit Franchise Partner Opens Third USDA-Certified Organic Juice Bar

Cranberry Township Clean Juice Named Official Provider to the UPMC Lemieux Sports ComplexClean Juice, the first and most prolific USDA-certified organic juice bar franchise, announced today that Franchise Partner Ann Marie Laird will open her third store in Cranberry Township, north of downtown Pittsburgh. The Cranberry Township location is the fourth store in the market in under 3 years and has earned the designation of “official provider of organic, cold-press juices” for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Lemieux Sports Complex, which is the primary practice and training facility for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The new Clean Juice is located just across the street from the sports facility at 2085 MacKenzie Way, Suite A300. The Cranberry Township Clean Juice officially opens on November 14th and is a preferred caterer for the community rink, including visiting teams.

After a series of job layoffs, while working in the pharmaceutical industry early in her career, Ann Marie decided to take her twenty-plus years of professional experience and attributes down a different path. A mother of two boys, she earned a certification in holistic health and started coaching and consulting on the benefits of healthy eating and organic food nutrition. During this time, she also discovered Clean Juice and decided to explore its company culture, philosophy, and menu offerings.

“One of the biggest aspects that interested me in becoming a multi-unit Clean Juice franchise owner was the lack of organic, healthy, clean, fast-casual food options around our city,” said Ann Marie. “Once I experienced Clean Juice’s organic menu, I decided right away that this was something special, and I wanted to be a part of it.”

Ann Marie opened her first Clean Juice location in Wexford in December 2018. On February 29th, 2020, she opened her second store at Donaldson’s Crossroads. This was quickly closed on March 17th, 2020, due to COVID, but reopened at the end of May. The Cranberry Township location experienced some construction delays due to the global pandemic but continued toward its November 2020 opening.

“Ann Marie has a grinder-mentality and that’s something we value at Clean Juice,” said Landon Eckles, CEO, Clean Juice. “We are very proud of Ann Marie’s continued accomplishments including the opening of her third Clean Juice location in the greater Pittsburgh area,” he said.  “We are honored to partner with the beloved Penguins in serving organic fuel to many elite athletes, fans, and sports-minded families and their children who visit the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex yearly.”

The demand for organic produce and food continues to rise across the nation. Many consumers now prioritize nutrition and immunity-boosting ingredients to protect themselves and their families against COVID-19 and other virus-based infections. The Organic Trade Association recently reported record-setting sales for the organic industry in its entirety, posting more than $55B in 2019 with projections to exceed these numbers in 2020.

Clean Juice’s continued growth in a surging, health-conscious environment is attributed to the strength of its development system, its franchise support structure, and the power of its brand, which is built on USDA-certified organic food and beverage offerings.

Cranberry Township Clean Juice Named Official Provider to the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex

Landon and Kat Eckles started Clean Juice in 2016 as the first and only USDA-certified organic juice bar franchise and is rooted in the “healthy body and a strong spirit” (3 John 1-2) scripture and highlights the importance of an organic, plant-based diet. Clean Juice offers organic cold-pressed juices, smoothies, wraps, açaí bowls, toasts, Greenoa bowls, and other healthy foods in a warm and welcoming retail experience. Clean Juice continues to seek and welcome qualified franchisees to its family of franchise partners.   For more information about Clean Juice, its leadership team, its core values, and franchising opportunities, please visit or