HyperActive Technologies announces new Hyperformance Platform

HyperActive Technologies announces new Hyperformance Platform

Outdoor drive-thru and curbside technology enhances consumer engagement for QSR, fast casual and table service restaurants

HyperActive Technologies announces new Hyperformance PlatformPittsburgh, PA  (Restaurant News ReleaseHyperActive Technologies ®, a leading provider of consumer experience and engagement solutions for quick service, fast casual and table service restaurants, today announced the availability of the Hyperformance™ Platform, a customizable suite of technology that includes dynamic digital displays configurable as full menu and presell promotional displays, order confirmation systems, front entrance outdoor menu displays and curbside kiosks. The platform is designed to remove many of the obstacles restaurant brands and franchise owners face in deploying drive-thru and curbside technology and reduce total cost of ownership. To showcase the new platform, HyperActive launched a fully redesigned website at www.gohyper.com.

The Hyperformance™ Platform enhances the outdoor display of brand, menu and customer information. It includes high performance LCD monitors, media players, industrial-grade pedestals and advanced software for point-of-sale integration, content deployment and scheduling. In addition, customers can add web-based content hosting and digital creative services to their Hyperformance package.

“Having served quick service and fast casual brands for over a decade, our goal is to match our customer’s needs with technology that is fast and easy to deploy and delivers a meaningful return on investment,” said Scott Marentay, chief operating officer for HyperActive Technologies.

The centerpiece of the Hyperformance™ suite is HyperView® Dynamic Digital Displays. HyperActive has designed HyperView® to deliver brilliant sunlight readability and night viewing as well as operate under the harshest weather conditions. According to Marentay, “HyperView® displays are exceptionally rugged and reliable – using optically bonded cover glass for outstanding visual quality, eliminating glare and reflection.” Most notably, HyperActive pioneered the use of low-cost Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and single CAT6 cable connectivity to make installation easy and reduce operating costs. Unlike other outdoor displays, HyperView® requires no moving parts in the enclosure, no cooling fans or heaters even in extreme temperatures. “When it comes to value, quality and dependability, HyperView® is the unparalleled digital sign of the times,” added Marentay.

HyperView® displays will be well positioned to operate as curbside kiosks providing brands with the opportunity to integrate outdoor displays with mobile application pick-up and off-premise ordering as well as create additional ordering points, particularly useful for fast casual brands that lack a drive-thru window or for busy QSR drive-thrus looking to expand volume during peak hours.

HyperActive’s goal is to help brands use displays to create dazzling menus and promotions that take advantage of full motion graphics that are adaptive and interactive. “Whether restaurants are using HyperView® for presell, menu or curbside displays, HyperView® will go well beyond conventional signage to produce a dynamic and personalized experience for every guest.” Marentay pointed out.

The Hyperformance™ solution also includes HyperOCB™, a customizable order confirmation solution that delivers real-time content from virtually any point of sale system to a consumer-facing display to increase speed of service and order accuracy. “The beauty of HyperOCB software is that the guest’s menu selections can trigger the display of the most complementary images for suggestive selling,” Marentay said. Over 30 leading brands already use HyperActive’s order confirmation boards including Burger King, Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s, Jack in the Box and Taco Bell.

Rounding out the Hyperformance package is QTimer®, the industry’s gold standard in drive-thru time management. The system delivers real-time actionable operational intelligence that speeds throughput. QTimer® is ubiquitous across the QSR industry. According to the company, QTimer® clocks over 365 million cars a year.

All components of the Hyperformance Platform are supported directly by HyperActive Technologies, giving customers a single point of contact for all software and hardware support. For brands looking to reduce capital expenditures, software and maintenance can be obtained through one affordable monthly payment. The company also provides the industry’s most advanced replacement warranty program on mission-critical hardware. The Hyperformance Platform ensures that customers can continue to evolve and keep pace with changes in consumer engagement technology and sustain their competitive advantage.

About HyperActive Technologies

HyperActive Technologies (www.gohyper.com) is a leading provider of outdoor consumer experience and engagement solutions for quick service, fast casual and table service restaurants. We provide flexible, best-of-breed technology that improves customer service, satisfaction and loyalty, increases competitive advantage and delivers measurable business results. By combining our industry expertise with a deep technical proficiency, we’ve created a technology portfolio that includes solutions for digital signage, digital content creation and media management, order confirmation, service time management, kitchen analytics and reporting. We specialize in the integration of point of sale, mobile apps, online ordering and payment systems to improve data handling and system performance.

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