New iPhone App a Boon to Small Bars and Taverns

Taverntory answers small bar and tavern owners’ need for a low cost, user friendly inventory control system.

New iPhone App a Boon to Small Bars and Taverns(Restaurant News Release)  Andover, MA business owners Sam Petrovich and Jeannie Cahill of Dylan’s Bar & Grill, and Kumar Babu of Ccuneus  solutions, have joined forces to introduce Taverntory, a new App for taking bar and tavern inventories.

“We wanted an easy to use, inexpensive alternative to doing manual entry inventory control, something you can do yourself with just your iPhone camera,” said Petrovich.  “With Taverntory, we can do our inventory in a fraction of the time it used to take, and without the errors.”

In addition to scanning and interpreting barcodes, the App  uploads inventories to either a Mac or PC where it creates spreadsheets that compute liquor sales and costs.  It is a total inventory control system designed with the small bar or tavern in mind, a user friendly, easy to learn App with no hidden costs.

“Taverntory is the product of an engineering and software  team that has a combined total of over a hundred years of experience,” said Babu, whose company developed the App, “and I believe it shows.”

Taverntory is available now on the Apple App Store for $99.99. For more details, visit