Now You Can Eat With Your Eyes: LooksYummy, LLC Releases Innovative Food App

Now You Can Eat With Your Eyes: LooksYummy, LLC Releases Innovative Food App

New York, NY  (Restaurant News Release)  African-American Tech developers Kenrick Brown and Solomon Morgan of LooksYummy LLC have announced the design and release of a new innovative food app that permits users to eat with their eyes. The meal-sharing app LooksYummy aims to assist restaurant owners in jumpstarting their sales while recovering from the pandemic. The mobile app allows food seekers, travelers, and tourists to make food buying decisions by exploring visual menus at nearby restaurants while discovering unique culinary dishes made by local eateries across the world.

With millions of food photos shared every day through multiple social platforms, LooksYummy elevates and streamlines the food sharing experience for foodies and business owners passionate about dining, imagery, and social sharing. Research shows that food consumers are 45% more likely to purchase a menu item with a photo of the actual dish over menu listings without photos.

LooksYummy will enrich the overall experience for users and restaurants in an exciting way. The app brings both of them together on one platform. Restaurants can advertise their top menu choices and display visual menus while users can add visually compelling content, decide where to dine, and discover dishes they will love.

The LooksYummy app also allows users to post new meals, tag a dish to a restaurant, browse meal offerings, and follow their favorite food blogger’s food journey.

The free app also offers community users many perks. LooksYummy will allow their app community to earn points at nearby restaurants, discounts, and more through weekly and monthly contests and promotions.

” We are beyond ecstatic about the launch of LooksYummy. We have created a community that can help cultivate great dining experiences,” said Kenrick Brown Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of LooksYummy.

Brown further goes on to say, “LooksYummy is a niche application to display food from various restaurants. From a user standpoint, food is an art. People eat with their eyes, then taste. From a business standpoint, LooksYummy allows restaurants to provide visual images of meals on their menu at their restaurant, and now users can see before they order and get good visuals of what the actual meal is.”

Solomon Morgan, Co-founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of LooksYummy stated, “LooksYummy is one of a kind; We are joining restaurants and customers together on one platform. Most of the time, the foods I order are the ones that have a picture. As an Army Veteran, LooksYummy would have been helpful because I was always dining out while serving. This is just the start for LooksYummy, and the ideas that we have for it is mind-blowing. Our new innovative app makes it easier for people to have everything in one app instead of having 5 or 10 different restaurant apps. It’s all combined in LooksYummy and saves you space on your devices as well.”

After analyzing popular food apps and social platforms, The LooksYummy developers set out to create a more intelligent, seamless, and beautiful experience for diners and restaurants.

Rana Waleed, LooksYummy- Former IOS & Android developer stated, “We designed the LooksYummy app keeping in mind the homogeneity and natural interaction design patterns. LooksYummy is no doubt one of the best apps I have ever designed and developed. It is so simple that almost every user can use it and yet so powerful for restaurants that it will convince nearby users to try out the delicious food that they offer. If used properly by the restaurant’s it can be a game-changer.”

LooksYummy is now available for free download for iPhone and Android users.

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Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, LooksYummy, LLC is a platform to deliver a richer visual and social experience for diners and provide its restaurant customers with new opportunities to showcase their offerings. The company’s mission is to continue to enhance the ways it helps diners discover new cuisine and patronize the perfect restaurant. For more information, please visit

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