Balance Grille Blends Flavor and Tech to Bring Unique Franchise Opportunity to Experienced Operators

Balance Grille Blends Flavor and Tech to Bring Unique Franchise Opportunity to Experienced Operators

Asian Fast Casual franchise turns a desire for transparency, a need for integrated technology, and solutions to mounting labor pressures into key brand differentiators

Balance Grille Blends Flavor and Tech to Bring Unique Franchise Opportunity to Experienced OperatorsToledo, OH  (Restaurant News ReleaseBalance Grille, the rising leader in Asian Fast Casual revealed its plans to continue its national expansion efforts through a targeted franchising strategy focused on highly-qualified multi-unit operators within select markets across the United States after opening its first franchise location in Colorado last summer. This announcement also comes after having joined forces with the industry-experienced leadership at Pivotal Growth Partners (PGP), a growth and development organization focused on accelerating small, emerging brands to scale. With a refined focus on clean eating, a literal approach to menu transparency, authenticity, and a digital-first approach, Balance Grille has been turning heads throughout the fast-casual industry since 2010, solving for nearly every issue facing the restaurant arena today and instead turning them into key differentiators for the brand:

  • Clean Eating Meets Fast Food – Flavorful Pan-Asian menu featuring bowls, snacks, tacos, bubble tea, and seasonal specials – totally customizable and made to order. Fresh, whole ingredients chopped, cooked, and prepared in an open-kitchen format, so you know just where your food comes from, and how it’s prepared.
  • Ahead-of-the-Curve Tech Integration – Rooted in efficiency, Balance Grille has weaved technology into every aspect of the brand to optimize both the customer and employee experience, as well as automating administration. The brand’s digital-first approach includes iPad-based kitchen operations and an award-winning loyalty app experience with integrated online ordering and curbside check-in.
  • Peer-to-Peer Management System – The Balance brand utilizes a managerless employment model that ensures personal accountability through digital task lists and continuous learning and self-driven advancement through an app-based learning management system.
  • A Labor Disruptor – Offering well-paying work with well-rounded training and opportunities for advancement is how the brand emphasizes autonomy for its tight-knit, top-notch team, resulting in an industry leading 2.46 years average tenure after first 60 days of employment amongst its “Balance fam.”

“In today’s market there is nothing like it,” said Cameron Cummins, PGP Co-Founder and Chief Franchise Officer for Balance Grille, “What you get as a franchisee of Balance is access to an ‘operating system’ predicated on transparency, technology and continuous improvement resulting in strong sales performance, minimal labor issues, and great-tasting food that customers love.”

This unique approach to transparency, innovation and continuous improvement has earned the brand a spot on QSR’s 40/40 List for 2022 as well as Fast Casual’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers for 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022, and as a favorite among its home market fans.

Balance Grille Blends Flavor and Tech to Bring Unique Franchise Opportunity to Experienced Operators

Founded by Prakash Karamchandani (PK) and HoChan Jang (CJ), Balance Grille is redefining the fast-casual space by providing a fresh and flavorful take on clean eating and Asian cuisine. The menu features unique flavor profiles and food pairings made with farm fresh ingredients and is focused on achieving overall balance and wellness, much like the Asian diet, which promotes eating plant-based greens, vegetables and whole grains with minimal meat and dairy. The menu is clean eating in its purest form and delivered through a Pan-Asian menu focused on a fusion of flavors and ingredients from all across Asia.

“We wanted to introduce a concept that fills the gap in Asian fast casual restaurants. Our menu is full of trending ideas and choices for customization, while still having elements of familiarity and clean eating for a price that fits your lifestyle.” said CJ. “Balance Grille provides quality wholesome food that makes you feel good while still having the indulgent flavors you crave from a variety of Asian cuisines.”

With its new growth and development plan in place, the brand is targeting approximately 40+ locations over a 5-year period in select markets, partnering with highly qualified multi-unit operators through 5-store minimum area development commitments in order to position the brand as the preeminent Asian Fast Casual concept nationwide. Operators can expect an initial investment of $747,482 to $1,138,116 per location. Balance Grille is keeping things fresh and innovative in regard to its growth approach as well, allowing early investors to participate in a corporate monetization event if a call option is triggered.

“Our ideal partner is someone who is passionate about the brand and its culture, has an entrepreneurial spirit, and has prior experience as a multi-unit operator,” said PK. “We strongly put an emphasis on community here at Balance Grille and believe that our operators will not only help us reach new markets, but also continuously improve our brand.”

For more information on Balance Grille’s franchising opportunity, please visit:

Balance Grille Blends Flavor and Tech to Bring Unique Franchise Opportunity to Experienced Operators

About Balance Grille

Balance Grille is an Asian-Fusion fast-casual restaurant chain, featuring a diverse menu of build-a-bowl bowls, tacos, snacks, and bubble teas. Since its founding in 2010, Balance Grille has successfully reinvented both the fast-casual concept and Asian Fusion cuisine with a refined focus on clean eating, a literal approach to menu transparency, authenticity, and ahead-of-the-curve tech integration. With 4 locations open and operating throughout Ohio, and its first outside of its home state in Colorado, Balance remains committed to serving happiness through food with a focus on community-minded, customer-centric craftsmanship, from farm to kitchen to taste buds – and a real appreciation for both those enjoying and those serving its feel-good food. For more information, visit

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