Decadent Coffee Cakes Desserts Inks Multi-Unit Deal in Florida!

Decadent Coffee Cakes Desserts Inks Multi-Unit Deal in Florida!

Decadent Coffee Cakes Desserts Inks Multi-Unit Deal in Florida!Inlet Beach, FL  (Restaurant News Release)  Buttercream Dreams Hospitality Group, who owns Decadent Coffee, Cakes, Dessert Bar, has finalized a deal with Fun Cakes FL to develop 15 units of the popular dessert bar throughout Florida and South Georgia. James Setter, who operates Fun Cakes, fell in love with the brand after a visit to the Inlet Beach, FL location.

“The Decadent brand is a perfect fit for our team and the variety of cakes and desserts is unlike anything we have seen in the dessert market before,” says Setter.  “Decadent offers anywhere from 10-15 cake flavors daily, as well as its made-in house cheesecakes and many more novelty desserts.”

Setter also says, “What I love most is the flexibility that corporate gives the individual store owner, for example, the rights to offer what products to offer on a daily basis. If you want to sell just desserts you can, or if you think your area could sell the delicious breakfast items, you can. This is something that really makes Decadent different than other brands.”

Jeff Martin started Decadent in 2015 and has helped the brand evolve since then.

“Due to the pandemic we really had to step back and see what products makes sense to sell on a daily base and what products we leave to the individual locations to sell. We know our cakes, coffee and cheesecakes are staples to who we are, and now we have learned how to market those items the best with on-line orders, 3rd party delivery service and the touch screen ordering system inside some corporate stores. We are so excited to welcome James and his team to the Decadent family, we know their background in the food industry will help us grow the brand even more,” says Martin.

Martin started Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery in Overland Park, KS in 2007. After being on the Food Network and The View, the brand grew nationally.

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