FranNet Announces Partnership with Sister Company QUAlLIFYI for AI-Powered Franchise Matching

The partnership is set to disrupt the industry with a unique AI-driven approach to facilitate better, more strategic matches between franchisees and franchisors.

FranNet Announces Partnership with Sister Company QUAlLIFYI for AI-Powered Franchise MatchingLouisville, KY  (Restaurant News Release)  FranNet, North America’s most respected leader in matching individuals with franchise ownership opportunities, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with its sister company, QUALIFYI. This collaboration introduces a cutting-edge AI tool for franchisee matching, combining FranNet’s 35 years of industry expertise and data with a state-of-the-art, proprietary technology.

“QUALIFYI is not just another AI tool — it’s a culmination of FranNet’s extensive knowledge and understanding of the franchise industry,” said Tracy Rickman, President & COO of QUALIFYI. “Our vision goes beyond the conventional, aiming to usher in a new era where technology is harnessed to elevate the franchising experience for all parties involved.”

At the core of QUALIFYI’s mission is a dedication to innovation. The AI-focused software systems were meticulously crafted to simplify the very essence of franchising for not only prospective franchisees, but also for franchisors, FSOs and even franchise consultants. Now, in partnership with QUALIFYI, FranNet consultants will be able to leverage the technology to offer unmatched knowledge and assistance to candidates.

QUALIFYI’s MyQualifyi portal, for example, is a game-changer, enabling potential franchisees to educate themselves about the industry, debunk myths and get immediate answers to their franchising questions.

“Recognizing that people spend approximately 70% of their time researching before making a purchase, we’ve developed the MyQualifyi portal,” said Rickman. “MyQualifyi allows individuals to assess and pre-qualify themselves for franchise ownership. They can introspectively answer questions like, ‘Do I have the necessary resources, time and financial capability?’ Once they’ve pre-qualified, we assist them in scoring and identifying suitable business opportunities that align with their preferences and capabilities. When users are ready, the site facilitates their journey further, helping them find matches and engage with franchisors effectively.”

The QUALIFYI system can also be a powerful tool for franchisors, Rickman says, not only providing potential matches but also empowering them with more intelligent lead nurturing, based on user behavior.

“Franchisors have various avenues to engage within the QUALIFYI ecosystem, each designed to maximize their participation and outreach,” said Rickman. “Additionally, we’ve introduced a territory checker feature, offering instant insights into the availability of franchises in specific areas or ZIP codes. This tool is a significant time-saver, efficiently guiding users towards qualified matches and streamlining the decision-making process.”

Lastly, as an add-on service, Rickman emphasizes QUALIFYI’s benefits for FranNet consultants. “The immediate territory matching and intelligent lead nurturing programs are incredibly beneficial,” she said. “These tools help in engaging prospects in a non-salesy manner, allowing them to self-qualify and engage with FranNet consultants at their own pace.”

FranNet CEO Jania Bailey expresses equal excitement about the partnership. “Joining forces with QUALIFYI represents a significant step forward in our mission to match entrepreneurs with exceptional franchising opportunities,” she said. “Their innovative AI technology aligns perfectly with our commitment to excellence and strategic growth in the franchise industry.”

For potential franchisees looking to explore opportunities or franchisors seeking to attract new candidates, FranNet, in collaboration with QUALIFYI, stands ready to provide unparalleled expertise and support in the ever-evolving world of franchising.

“While many companies claim to use AI nowadays, QUALIFYI is set apart by our unique, tailored approach to franchise matching,” said Rickman. “We’re excited to unveil further innovations, aiming to turn the franchise industry on its head and usher in a new future of  intelligent lead generation and qualification.”

If you are a potential franchisee looking to invest or a franchisor looking to attract new candidates, contact FranNet at

About FranNet

FranNet is North America’s most respected leader in matching individuals with franchise ownership opportunities. Founded in 1987, FranNet has more than 100 experienced consultants across the United States, Canada and Germany. FranNet uses a proprietary profiling and consultative process to determine a business model unique to each client’s goals, skill sets and interests, and has matched thousands of prospective business owners to rewarding small business franchise opportunities. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, FranNet is the only locally-owned and operated franchised consulting firm.

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