Golden Malted Waffles & Pancakes Introduces New Sweet Cream Pancake Mix

Golden Malted Waffles & Pancakes Introduces New Sweet Cream Pancake Mix

Glen Mills, PA  (Restaurant News Release)  Golden Malted, the world’s largest distributor of waffle irons and mix, has launched a brand new Sweet Cream Pancake Mix.

For more than 80 years, Golden Malted has provided waffle irons, along with waffle & pancake mixes to the best restaurants, hotels, universities and theme parks around the world. With their Fresh Baked Waffle Program, commercial waffle irons are provided on-loan at absolutely no cost with the exclusive use of their world-famous waffle mix.

In their time-honored tradition of exceeding the expectations of both customers and their guests, Golden Malted continues to develop new products and services. With Golden Malted’s Sweet Cream Mix, restaurants can easily provide their guests with delicious, cost effective pancakes. Unlike traditional buttermilk pancakes, sweet cream pancakes feature a sweeter taste profile along with a cake-like texture.

“Our new melt-in-your-mouth Sweet Cream Pancakes have a unique taste and aroma. We’re extremely excited to add this mix into our ever-growing suite of products. Our customers can simply add water to our Sweet Cream Mix to make fluffy, golden pancakes each and every time. We’re confident that our Sweet Cream Pancakes will lead to repeat business for our customers, along with rave online reviews – these pancakes are that good,” said Kris Masciantonio, Vice President of Marketing.

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About Golden Malted

Since 1937, Golden Malted has been the largest distributor of waffle irons and waffle and pancake mix in the world. Golden Malted’s revolutionary Fresh-Baked Waffle Program has been an integral part of the hospitality and dining industry and continues to grow and expand across the globe. Golden Malted offers a complete suite of products with their waffle iron program including customer-friendly batter and syrup dispensers, syrups, fruit toppings, and a variety of waffle and pancake mixes. Golden Malted is also on the cutting edge of technology, having launched a proprietary sales force automation application and a new online portal designed for customers to easily manage their accounts and make purchases.

Golden Malted provides complete distribution coverage in the United States and over 60 countries worldwide.

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