America’s Dog & Burger Has Landed At Midway Airport

America's Dog & Burger Has Landed At Midway Airport
Manolis Alpogianis, Co-Founder of America’s Dog & Burger stands with Deven Rand, President of NorthAmerican Concessions, who holds the first hot dog prepared at the new Midway Airport location.

Beloved Chicago Eatery Continues Intrepid Expansion

America's Dog & Burger Has Landed At Midway AirportChicago, IL  (Restaurant News Release)  After over 23 years of proven success in the world’s culinary epicenter, America’s Dog & Burger (AD&B) is continuing to spread its roots. Spearheaded by the co-founder brothers Manolis and George Alpogianis, this distinguished Chicago mainstay has maintained steady growth since its inception, and a new location in Chicago’s Midway International Airport promises to elevate AD&B’s profile even higher.

The monumental deal was facilitated by Deven Rand, president of NorthAmerican Concessions, who is also responsible for the ongoing success of six other concessions units within MDW. AD&B rounds out their newly developed MDW Central Market by providing consistent, high-quality, and classic food in a comforting and familiar setting.

This partnership between two Chicago-based, family-owned businesses represents their shared commitment to serving the Chicagoland community.

“For us being a family-owned business, relationship is everything,” Rand said, her face showing steely determination. “AD&B has been one of my favorite brands to work with. With the amount of people who came out and stayed with us for the whole first week and a half, every day my anxiety about how that unit is going to perform has gone down a little bit, and it has exceeded my expectations.”

“America’s Dog, on day one, went into a brand relationship with us as though we had been partners for decades. On day one, I was having the kind of conversations with Manolis that it has taken me years to build up to with some of the other brands,” Rand remarked, emphasizing how easy it has been to work with AD&B and to stand on the foundation of trust and understanding that is so essential to successful collaboration.

“It was the fastest a new brand has ever trusted me, which made it the fastest I’ve ever bonded with a new brand,” she continued. “AD&B allowed us to use the institutional knowledge that we have, combined with a menu and an operations philosophy that they know works.”

America's Dog & Burger Has Landed At Midway Airport

Ease of business, open communication, excellent training, and ample support make America’s Dog & Burger a safe and lucrative choice for new franchisees and established groups alike. Pairing all of that with timeless, mouthwatering fare is a recipe for success anywhere.

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About America’s Dog & Burger

Entrepreneurial brothers Manolis and George Alpogianis co-founded AD&B after a cross-country road trip through the United States. This now-famous journey inspired the two to open a restaurant that offered the most compelling hot dog and burger tastes of the nation in one dynamic environment. The brand uniquely positions itself in the dog and burger scene by offering guests a variety of fresh, gourmet burgers, city-themed hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, Italian beef, salads and more. After more than 20 years of proven success, the family-run business is in strategic growth mode, awarding franchise opportunities to passionate individuals and teams attracted to the brand’s distinguishable niche.

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