Bubbling Out to New Territories: Boba Tea Cafe, Teaspoon, Lands 5 New Deals

Bubbling Out to New Territories: Boba Tea Cafe, Teaspoon, Lands 5 New Deals

Five more Teaspoon units have been purchased this month with more expected by the end of the year.

Bubbling Out to New Territories: Boba Tea Cafe, Teaspoon, Lands 5 New DealsModesto, CA  (Restaurant News Release)  The buzz for boba is on the rise here in the States. Boba tea sensation, Teaspoon, has just landed an additional 5 territory signings to kick off November.

“Our sales team has worked hard to continue garnering new sales in new regions,” stated Amy Lai, Co-Founder of Teaspoon. “It’s easy to see why people want to invest. Our brand is fun and trendy, our menu has amazing applicability across various markets, and we’ve got several easy-to-use channels to get our products in the hands of our loyal customers.”

The five new territories span across the Golden State. Nemal and Margi Shah signed for the new Studio City location. Brea will be gaining a new Teaspoon owned by BJ and Serah Lee. Gina Gomez signed for the Visalia store and Payam Haghigni signed for the unit in Irvine. Modesto’s store was signed for by Tran Chau.

The exponential growth for the boba tea brand shows no signs of slowing down. The brand has continued to expand well outside of California, going as far east as Alabama. “Our goal is for Teaspoon to become synonymous with boba tea,” pointed out Lai.

Currently the company has sold over 33 franchise locations since the beginning of the year. According to the franchise sales team, even more are in the works before the year is over.

Teaspoon is a trendy, culturally-relevant QSR model that fits into most markets. The company has made it easy for customers to order utilizing their website, branded app, or the traditional in-person method.

There are several opportunities for entrepreneur-hopefuls to jump aboard the Teaspoon franchise expansion. Visit www.teaspoonlife.com/franchise to fill out their simple form and to learn more about their support model, training, and initial investment.

About Teaspoon

Established in 2015, Teaspoon is a trendy, new kind of tea brand where customers can enjoy unique, handcrafted tea beverages in a welcoming cafe ambiance. To find out more about opening your own Teaspoon, stop by their website at www.teaspoonlife.com/franchise. To find out more about Teaspoon and their menu, visit www.teaspoonlife.com.

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