Teaspoon on Track to be the Fastest Growing Boba Tea Cafe in the Nation

Teaspoon on Track to be the Fastest Growing Boba Tea Cafe in the Nation

The four latest inked agreements include the very first units to hit the East Coast.

Teaspoon on Track to be the Fastest Growing Boba Tea Cafe in the NationModesto, CA  (Restaurant News Release)  On the heels of a hot sales month, Teaspoon has done it again with another five new franchise units to join the network.

Three out of the five territories are for units within California, with the last agreement being for the very first two units to hit the East Coast. Franchisee Zaki Nofal has signed for two units in New Jersey. Hoboken and Jersey City will be home to the increasingly popular boba tea brand. “Every franchise that we sell is a testament to our model, our recipes, and our branding,” stated Amy Lai, Co-Founder of Teaspoon. “But having our first two units to touch down on the East Coast this month validates Teaspoon all the more.”

A new territory in Santa Rosa has been signed for by franchisee Amannur Singh. Daly City gained a new unit owned by Tushar Bhandari. Seasoned franchisees Tai Tran and Winnie Chu will open their second Teaspoon location, this time in Union City. Their first location launched last year in Hayward, also in California.

Teaspoon hit its hot streak quickly after first launching their franchise sales in October of 2020. Since then, the brand has grown to over 45 locations, both franchises and corporate-owned.

The brand currently stands at the epicenter of a massive global trend for boba tea, marked by an almost 9% projected growth rate for the next five years, says Lai. “Our franchisees are stepping into this market at the perfect time,” asserted Lai. “With our processes and our brand behind them, they can’t lose.”

National expansion continues to thrive as new franchise partners are welcomed in. Interested individuals can learn more about owning their own boba tea franchise by visiting www.teaspoonlife.com/franchise.

“Our success in sales is exciting. We’ve continued to seek out creative ways to market the brand, including a mini-series for our social channels,” asserted Lai. “Our goal is for people to not hear the word boba without thinking of Teaspoon. We’re well on our way to achieving that goal.”

About Teaspoon

Established in 2015, Teaspoon is a trendy, new kind of boba tea brand where customers can enjoy unique, handcrafted tea beverages in a welcoming cafe ambiance. To find out more about opening your own Teaspoon, stop by their website at www.teaspoonlife.com/franchise. To find out more about Teaspoon and their menu, visit www.teaspoonlife.com.

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